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Administrative Agency Law Attorney in New York City

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Manhattan Lawyer Assists Clients with Professional Licenses, Building Permits, and Liquor Licenses

Administrative law concerns the authority and procedures of administrative agencies. Agencies are governmental bodies that carry out the law. Their functions include rule making, licensing, enforcement and determination of other types of controversies. Federal agencies are governed by the Administrative Procedure Act (A.P.A.) while New York State has its own State Administrative Procedure Act (S.A.P.A.). They are designed to make sure that agencies act with constitutional due process requirements over the areas that they oversee. Most agencies have specific rules and regulations to govern their internal proceedings some of which are mandated by law.

New York Licenses and Permits

In New York State there are a variety of governmental agencies that issue licenses, permits and grant businesses permission to engage in various business activities. For example, in order to obtain a security guard license, real estate agent/broker license or a business license one must apply to the New York State Department of State. In order to obtain a liquor license one must go the New York State Liquor Authority. In order to obtain a building permit one must go the NYC Department of Buildings.

Individuals and various businesses may find themselves needing to obtain licenses or permits from these various agencies. They may also need assistance in navigating through the various rules, regulations and steps and procedures in order to obtain the license or permit.

License Appeals and Revocations in Manhattan

Periodically the agency may not grant the license or permit or privilege to the individual or the business. Under these circumstances the person or agency or business may have a limited right to appeal the agency’s decision. That appeal is governed by the agency’s internal procedures along with the applicable administrative procedure act. Moreover, from time to time, after granting a license or a permit the agency may suspend or revoke that license. However, the agency, in doing so, must comply with the constitutional due process rights guaranteed to individuals and businesses.

JOEY JACKSON LAW, PLLC has years of experience appearing before various administrative agencies, assisting clients in obtaining licenses and permits from those agencies as well as representing clients in due process hearings in order to retain or obtain their licenses or permits. We have successfully defended numerous clients who have found themselves in situations where their licenses or their business permits are at risk of being taken away from them or have already been taken away from them. We have also litigated matters in court against various administrative agencies in order to protect our client’s rights and interests.

License Defense Attorney

We participate in the judicial process as well as the appellate process and representing clients before administrative agencies. If you are in need of assistance in navigating the administrative rules and regulations of a governmental agencies, contact JOEY JACKSON LAW, PLLC, at 833-563-9522. We serve clients throughout the tri-state area and in New York City.


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