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Manhattan Civil Litigation Lawyer

Manhattan Civil Litigation Lawsuit Attorney

Attorney to File a Civil Lawsuit for Breach of Contract or Financial Damages in New York City

When someone breaches a contract with you, it can be more than just annoying, it can be extremely costly. If the loss is large enough, you may need to hire an attorney to take your case to court.

Typically, when two or more parties begin a business arrangement, they sign a written agreement that spells out each party's responsibilities in great detail. Contracts commonly exist between buyers and sellers, landlords and renters, and employers and employees. Contracts are intended to head off disputes over the specific services to be provided, timing of payments, and so on.

Nevertheless, disputes sometimes arise that the parties to the contract cannot settle amongst themselves. For example, co-owners of a business may not be able to agree on whether to take out a loan to expand the business. A tenant may find that the landlord is not properly maintaining their rental unit. An employee may find that their employer has not paid them as required by law and/or written company policy.

At JOEY JACKSON LAW, PLLC, we have successfully represented numerous clients in employment- and contract-related disputes. We frequently represent civil service employees in job-related disputes and are well-versed in New York employment and contract law.

Differences Between Civil Law and Criminal Law

Civil law differs from criminal law in several ways. In criminal law, the police investigate crimes and arrest suspects, and the District Attorney prosecutes them. If a criminal case goes to trial, a criminal court decides if the defendant is guilty or not guilty. If the verdict is guilty, the court decides the sentence, which can include jail, community service, fines, or other punishments as defined by state and local laws.

In civil law, if a case has to go to trial, the job of the court is to decide the dispute and determine how much the defendant pay the plaintiff.

In some cases, the civil damages may have arisen from a crime, such as federal securities fraud or a civil rights violation, but it is not necessary for the defendant to be convicted of the crime in order for the victim to file a claim for damages in civil court.

Types of Civil Litigation Cases We Handle in New York

JOEY JACKSON LAW, PLLC focuses our practice on three primary types of civil litigation: Wrongful death cases, contract disputes, and employment disputes. We will do our best to negotiate a reasonable settlement, which is less expensive for you than going to court. If necessary, however, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf to compel the other side to meet their obligations and we will seek all permissible monetary damages.

Contract Disputes: We help our clients settle disputes and obtain compensation for damages suffered due to a breach of contract. For example, a conflict may arise between a homeowner and a home improvement contractor, or between two partners in a business. If one party to the contract fails to uphold their end of the bargain, you may need to file a lawsuit to force them to comply with the contract or to compensate you for your losses.

Employment Disputes: When a person separates from their employer, the employer may owe the employee compensation for accrued sick time, vacation time, sales commissions, or bonuses. If the employer refuses to pay, you may need to hire an attorney. In some cases, an employer may accuse an employee of misconduct of some sort in order to deny the employee pension, healthcare, or other benefits.

The Process of Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a complex process which can take months or even years to conclude, so we can only provide a brief summary of the process here.

  1. Due Diligence: This step includes interviewing witnesses and gathering documentation that will help us prove your claim for damages and anticipate the arguments that will be raised by the opposition.
  2. Summons and Complaint: This step involves drafting and filing the court documents that summon the party you are suing to appear in court and spell out your complaints against the other party.
  3. Judge Assignment: We request assignment of a judge to oversee the case, including the discovery process, pre-trial motions, and the trial itself.
  4. Discovery and Depositions: Discovery is the process through which both sides exchange information. Depositions are interviews conducted under oath. Opposing counsel will depose you and other witnesses for our side, and vice versa. If requested information is not voluntarily produced, we may ask the judge to issue a subpoena forcing the release of information relevant to the case.
  5. Motion to Dismiss: Your adversary can be expected to file a Motion to Dismiss, also known as a Motion for Summary Judgment. This document attempts to convince the judge that the case should be dismissed because your claims and evidence do not form sufficient basis for a lawsuit.
  6. Trial: Critical steps in the trial include picking a jury that will be favorably disposed toward you, opening statements in which we passionately outline your story for the jury, examination of witnesses who can give testimony on your behalf and introduce exhibits such as documents and recordings, cross-examination of the other side's witnesses to try and discredit their arguments, and closing arguments to summarize the evidence and persuade the jury to vote in your favor.

At JOEY JACKSON LAW, PLLC, we leave no stone unturned in our search for evidence and strategies that will help us win your case.

NYC Breach of Contract and Employment Litigation Attorney

If you have a contractual dispute with an employer, supplier, or customer, you may need the help of an attorney to resolve that dispute. We can help resolve such disputes through either direct negotiation or litigation in civil court. Contact JOEY JACKSON LAW, PLLC at 833-563-9522. We handle employment and contract disputes in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Rockland County, and Westchester County.


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