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Murder and Homicide Case Results

Murder homicide defense lawyer case results NYC

Successful Murder Defense Case Results in NYC

E.R. (Suffolk County):

DWI Murder case under a theory of “Depraved Indifference”, after the defendant killed 3 teenagers in a car crash, while heading home on New Years Day. Defendant acquitted of Murder, thereby being spared a life sentence.

G.C. (Queens):

Defendant acquitted of Attempted Murder and all related charges, stemming from a bar room brawl, in which the victim was stabbed within an inch of his life.

D.M. (Brooklyn):

Defendant acquitted of Attempted Murder and all related charges, after shooting another man multiple times in Self Defense.

D.B. (Bronx): Defendant was acquitted of Murder, and Manslaughter conviction reversed after the Trial Judge refused to permit jury to consider Self Defense.

People v. Brown

Mr. Brown was charged with Murder in connection with the shooting death of his daughter’s boyfriend, after they had a dispute in the lobby of his residence. Mr. Brown fired a single shot in Self-Defense after his daughter’s boyfriend angrily approached him while swinging his fists at Mr. Brown and grabbing for his gun. Despite these facts, the Judge would not permit Mr. Jackson to argue that Mr. Brown acted in Self-Defense. The Jury found Mr. Brown Not Guilty of Murder, but still convicted him of Manslaughter. In speaking with the Jury, Mr. Jackson realized they were troubled that the Judge would not allow them to consider that Mr. Brown was defending himself. On appeal, the Appellate Court reversed Mr. Brown’s conviction, ruling that the Jury should have been permitted to consider that Mr. Brown was defending himself.

People v. D. Moore:

Client was charged with Attempted Murder in a case involving a love triangle. A woman with whom he was romantically involved, was also in an intimate relationship with someone else. After leaving a Diner with a her, the other man followed them in his truck. It escalated into a high speed chase in which the other man forced them off the road, and aggressively jumped out of his truck to confront Mr. Moore. Believing himself to be in serious danger, Mr. Moore shot the man in the face and the chest. Despite that, he was arrested and prosecuted. Mr. Jackson was able to successfully argue that Mr. Moore acted in Self Defense. The first jury ended in a mistrial, with jurors split over whether Mr. Moore acted legally in shooting his attacker. The second time around, Mr. Jackson was able to obtain a Not Guilty Verdict, and the case was dismissed.


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