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Internal Structure of JOEY JACKSON LAW, PLLC

The Office is composed of the following:


  1. Joey Jackson, Founder
    Former Manhattan Prosecutor & Current Criminal Defense Attorney
    Admitted to Practice: 1995 (25 years)

  2. Raoul Zaltzberg, Esq., Managing Attorney
    Former Manhattan Legal Aide
    Labor Discipline Counsel & Criminal Defense Attorney
    Admitted to Practice: 2008 (12 years)

  3. Ken Destefano, Esq., Senior Counsel
    Labor Arbitrations & Discipline
    Municipal & Union Lawyer for 20 plus years
    Admitted to Practice: 1997 (23 years)

  4. Bernarda Villalona, Esq., Senior Trial Counsel
    Former Brooklyn DA
    Criminal Defense & Labor & Discipline
    Admitted to Practice: 2004 (16 years)

  5. Daniel Walters, Esq.
    Private Practice Criminal Defense, Labor Arbitrations
    Admitted to Practice: 2012 (8 years)

  6. Larry Carter, Esq.
    Bronx DA Discipline & Criminal Defense
    Admitted to Practice: 2015 (5 years)


  1. Cynthia Larregui
  2. Giselle A. Curtis
  3. Lindsay Martinez
  4. Anais Jenkins

Back Office:

  1. Anthony Raffa, Information Technology (I.T.)
    Business Operations, Human Resources (H.R.)

  2. Philip Barone, Marketing & Public Relations


Call Us833-563-9522

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5 Penn Plaza, 23rd Floor
New York, NY 10001

Call Us833-563-9522

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