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Understanding Your Rights as a Union Member

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | Civil Service Employees |

Manhattan Union Law Attorney

You finally landed that union job—the one that offers you all the benefits you and your family need. What you may not know is that your new position offers you more than just medical insurance and paid holidays, vacations, and sick time. You also have access to advice, support, and representation from your union representatives if a problem with your employer arises. Union members also have specific rights afforded to them by union laws.

Union Member Bill of Rights

All labor unions in the United States are bound under the Landrum-Griffin Act. Also known as the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, this legal measure guarantees certain rights to union members, including:

  • Equal rights to participate in union-related activities
  • A voice in the setting of union fees, dues, and assessment rates
  • Freedom of speech and assembly
  • Protection of your right to bring suit against your employer
  • Protection against improper or unfair disciplinary action from your employer
  • Access to copies of any agreements made between the union and your employer
  • A say in union member elections

In regard to union member elections, you have additional sanctioned rights, including the right to run for office, cast a secret ballot, and protest the conduct or process of a union election. Additionally, members may file a motion to have a union officer removed from their position if they are found guilty of serious misconduct.

Union Officer Responsibilities

Union officers have a legal responsibility to safeguard the best interest of their members. These include:

  • Fiscal responsibility to manage the funds and property of the union as outlined by the union’s constitution and bylaws
  • Reporting of financial and information reports
  • Maintenance of financial and initial information reports (five years minimum)
  • Bonding insurance if union funds or property exceed $5,000

Violations of any responsibility can open an officer up to removal from their position. Additionally, the union officer must look out for the best interest of their members—not the employer. They cannot accept bribes or benefits in exchange for member benefits without risking removal from office. If you suspect that an officer has acted outside of your union’s best interest, seek immediate assistance from a skilled union law attorney.

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