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Knowing and Protecting Your Union Member Rights and Benefits

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2020 | Civil Service Employees |

New York Labor Union Lawyer

It can feel like a major accomplishment to finally land that union job—especially because you now have all the benefits you need to keep your family happy, safe, and stable, including health insurance, paid holidays, vacation time, and holidays. What you may not know is that union jobs offer additional benefits to their members, such as support, advice, and union representation if issues with your employer arise. Union members also have specific rights under union laws.

Your Union Member Bill of Rights

Every labor union in the United States is bound by Landrum-Griffin Act (otherwise known as the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act). Under this federal statute, you have certain rights as a member, including:

  • The equal right to participate in all union-related activities
  • Freedom of speech and the right to assemble
  • A say in the setting of union dues, fees, and assessment rates
  • Protection from unfair or improper disciplinary action from your employer
  • A voice in union elections
  • The right to file suit against your employer for unfair or improper treatment
  • Access to copies of any agreements made between your employer and the union

In addition, your union officers have certain responsibilities. Specifically, they are legally required to safeguard the best interests of their members, and violations can open them up to removal from office.

When Union Officers Act Outside the Best Interests of Their Members

Union officers who fail to safeguard the interests of their members do more than just compromise their position; they put the rights of every member at risk. Moreover, an officer who is not working in your best interest can cause an erosion of your rights—sometimes slowly, but other times swiftly and drastically. In these situations, it is important for union members to seek qualified legal representation.

Our New York Union Law Attorney Can Safeguard Your Rights

When union officers act outside the interests of their members, legal action is needed to ensure the officer is removed and that rights are restored. Members are discouraged from trying to handle such situations alone. Instead, contact a seasoned Manhattan union law attorney for assistance. At JOEY JACKSON LAW, PLLC, we aggressively protect the rights and interests of New York’s union members. We strive for the most favorable outcome in every case. Get started by calling us at 1-833-JOEYJACKSON or 1-833-563-9522 and schedule your personalized consultation today.