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What Constitutes a Felony in the State of New York?

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Of all the crimes a person can commit, those that are prosecuted as felonies are considered to be the most severe. These acts also carry the harshest penalties for those who are convicted. What are these acts, and what can be done to minimize – or even eliminate – the consequences? If you are facing felony charges in New York, it is important to understand what is at stake.

Felonies in New York State

Felony criminal proceedings are complex legal matters with varied levels of severity. Those at the highest level are considered Class A felonies. These include serious crimes and carry sentences of up to life in prison. Such acts might include aggravated murder, terrorism, criminal possession of a controlled substance, operating as a major trafficker, kidnapping, and arson.

Class B felonies are considered slightly less severe, so the potential consequences do drop. Most have a maximum sentence of 25 years. Such acts include armed robbery, drug trafficking, alleged homicide, rape, and violent assault.

Class C felonies include criminal acts like robbery, fraud, assault, and certain types of theft. Violent acts carry a penalty of 3.5 to 15 years. Non-violent acts can range from probation to 15 years of incarceration. At first glance, such felonies may not seem as severe as Class A and B felonies, but if there is more than one charge, the consequences can be compounded.

Class D felonies are the least severe and typically carry a maximum penalty of seven years. Such acts include theft, fraud, robbery, and certain types of manslaughter. Again, the consequences may not seem as serious, but multiple charges can have long-term consequences. The implications extend well beyond prison time, extending on into your career, personal life, and even your ability to obtain an education.

Fighting a Felony Conviction

Regardless of the class of felony charge you are facing, it is critical that you work hard to minimize the overall consequences of a felony conviction, as a it can have a permanent, negative effect on many aspects of your life. For starters, it could be difficult for you to find gainful employment, as many companies are hesitant about hiring those with a criminal record – particularly when the crimes are sensitive or fraudulent in nature. Some companies may have policies that bar them from hiring persons with certain felony convictions. For example, those with felony convictions for defrauding the elderly may be unable to obtain proper licensure for a job in the medical field.

Certain crimes may also require you to register within your community (specifically, certain sexual crimes). This can impact the way everyone around you sees you, and a marred reputation tends to trigger all kinds of consequences in an offender’s immediate circle and within their community. Depending on the situation, your lawyer may be able to find ways to minimize the effect that a conviction could have on your future. In certain cases, an outright dismissal may be possible.

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