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Cyberstalking: A Serious Type of Stalking Offense

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

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When it comes to criminal offenses in New York State, especially those related to domestic violence and abuse, the crime of cyberstalking is one that is not always taken very seriously. This form of virtual stalking can, in many cases, receive the brush-off and not be considered a real threat. However, the reality is that it is no laughing matter and it may have just as many grave consequences as physical or more “traditional” stalking behaviors. As technology has developed and become such a focal point in our day-to-day lives, stalking behaviors and charges are more prominent today than ever before.

What Does a Cyberstalking Crime Entail?

If you find yourself accused of stalking someone through various modes of technology, it is important to inform yourself of how cyberstalking crimes are defined as you move forward with your defense. Virtual stalking is more than simply viewing someone’s social media sites regularly or excessively. The National Conference of State Legislatures considers this crime to be a pattern of malicious behaviors via a variety of electronic communications, including email and the internet.

Cyberstalking usually entails behaviors such as:

  • Monitoring a person’s internet history
  • Monitoring a person’s general computer usage
  • Using technology to harass or threaten another person
  • Tracking phone device usage and storage, including call logs, programmed numbers, and photos
  • Causing emotional distress for the victim or immediate family
  • Causing the victim reasonable fear of death or serious injury

It is important to note that while cyberharassment is often an aspect of virtual stalking, it is different from a virtual stalking crime in that it does not typically entail a credible threat, although the emotional distress it triggers is no less upsetting. For example, a cyberharassment incident may involve relentless texts or excessive instant messages, while a cyberstalking incident might include harassing text messages that also imply or hint at a direct threat of some sort.

Contact Our Manhattan Stalking Defense Attorney

Stalking crimes and domestic violence are often intertwined. If you are accused of a cyberstalking incident, chances are you are liable to face of other domestic violence-related charges as well. Depending on how well you know the person making such claims, it is possible these claims can snowball and escalate further tensions. The moment a claim is brought against you, it is imperative to speak with a New York stalking defense lawyer, who is familiar with the state laws applicable to stalking behaviors. JOEY JACKSON LAW, PLLC is well equipped to handle these kinds of cases and is dedicated to protecting your rights in a court of law. Schedule a consultation with us today by calling 1-833-JOEYJACKSON or 1-833-563-9522.