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What Are the Rules Regarding Politics in the Civil Service Workplace?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2020 | Civil Service Employees |

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In addition to the job security that you have as a public service employee, some additional laws help preserve your rights while working in a public position. In particular, there are rules regarding how civil service employees may be treated regarding their political views and laws that prevent certain public employees from engaging in any political activity that would cause a conflict of interest. Since individual circumstances often differ, it is important to meet with a knowledgeable civil service employment attorney in NYC. This way, there is no room for confusion relating to how your employer treats you and what you can and cannot do in your position.

NYC Civil Service Political Activity Laws

In general, most people who work for the State of New York are allowed to take part in partisan political activity outside of work. To protect this right, the New York civil service laws state that public employers are not allowed to exert any political pressure on their employees while at work. This entails the following:

  • No employees can be questioned regarding their political affiliations.
  • No employees can be pressured to give to a political fund.
  • No employees can be punished or fired because of their political opinions.
  • Employers cannot use their power to threaten employees into any particular political action.

If a public employer violates any of these rules, they could be subject to a penalty.

There is an exception in which any employees who are connected to federal loans or grants are subject to the Hatch Act. This rule bars these employees from taking part in some, but not all, political activities. For instance, employees subject to the Hatch Act cannot run for office or use their authority to sway elections in any way. Still, anyone who the Hatch Act applies to is allowed to contribute to or take part in partisan political campaigns outside of work.

Contact a Queens Civil Service Employment Attorney

To get a more complete understanding of the political rights that the New York civil service laws give you, make sure you discuss your position with an experienced NYC civil service job defense attorney. To work with an attorney who has over 20 years of experience in civil service and job defense, reach out to Joey Jackson by calling 1-833-JOEYJACKSON or 833-563-9522.