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What Are the Implications of Election Results for You in New York?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | New York City lawyer |

New York City attorney

2020 has been a year like no other—from political firestorms across the nation to literal wildfires in California, from property damaged by looters to houses destroyed by hurricanes, from peaceful protestors in the streets to minors taking up arms against them, and, most significantly, there is the COVID-19 pandemic with its despairing loss of life and disruptive economic impact. All of these are just a few examples from this challenging year. And that is part of the reason this federal election is so important. Who you vote for will directly impact you in ways that you might not even realize.

5 Significant Impacts Voting Has on Policies

Be it voting for the president or voting down-state for other politicians or propositions, taking control of your civic duty and marking up your ballot has never been more important than it is now. 2020 was a year of tremendous difficulty, but such adversity can be remedied depending on your particular situations and your vote. For instance, here are five issues that might be addressed in different ways based on how you vote next month:

  1. Dire Health Concerns—The pandemic is not gone yet, and people are still dying from it, including in New York. At the national level, the healthcare system could change dramatically, which could help your health or hurt your wallet, depending on how you look at it. At the local level, you might see some props up for voting that would allocate greater funding to healthcare institutions for PPE and other equipment, to ensure your health and safety. If that is important to you, vote for it. However, if you do not want to pay for that, then vote against it. The choice is yours.
  2. Economic Challenges—Depending on a president’s trade policies, decisions about regulations, and aims with regards to taxes, this can affect business owners and employees alike, such that you might lose your job or stay out of work longer than planned or hoped. Study the candidates and figure out who will help you the most financially as we recover economically from the pandemic and its subsequent economic adversity.
  3. Major Social Issues—Wherever you stand on the issues with regards to the protests over the last several months, you cannot deny the messaging of the movement. Change and compromise are in the air; how you vote will help determine the type of justice you will see in your local communities.
  4. Climate Change—With hurricanes and wildfires spreading across the nation at any given moment, and the weather not staying consistent or predictable for very long, it is becoming easier to see climate change as more than just a part of the usual environmental cycles. It is hard to see the long-term impact, but odds are your children care about this issue more than you could ever know since this is the world they will inherit from you. Whatever you believe, vote in support of those beliefs.
  5. Desperate Times—Desperate times call for desperate measures, and many politicians see this as an ample opportunity to make massive changes in the government. Everything from increased minimum wages to the elimination of student loan debt might be on the ballot figuratively. We are talking about FDR-level socioeconomic changes and plans here, all due to these uncertain times we are living in today. Could any of these desperate measures directly benefit you? Regardless, it is imperative that you cast your vote.

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