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4 Tips for Handling a Civil Service Investigative Interview

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Civil Service Employees |

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If you or a co-worker are faced with civil service disciplinary charges, then you might be summoned to attend a civil service investigative interview. Whether you have something to do with the disciplinary charges being alleged or you have absolutely nothing to do with those charges, you may want to think carefully about the general process and what you can do to make sure you do not move from being a witness to a primary likely target of such an investigation.

How to Act in a Civil Service Investigative Interview

Unlike with public or private companies, careers in civil service tend to be placed under much greater scrutiny in terms of following the laws and guidelines set forth by both the local authorities and the employer itself. That is why civil service employee discipline defense is such a challenging and complex legal field. And it only gets more challenging and complex when faced with a civil service investigative interview.

If you are summoned to one of these investigative interviews, there are some things you may want to consider and do to make sure your best interests are protected throughout the investigation. These include:

  1. Remaining calm—If you are a person of interest or just a witness, either way, you are going to want to allay any of the slightest bit of suspicion. To do so, you must remain calm and not overreact during the process, or when you are summoned.
  2. Listening, observing, and staying as quiet as possible—Pay attention to what is stated during the interview and who is present during the interview. You may notice more than just the employer’s representatives; there could be law enforcement representatives in attendance, which might suggest the charges being considered are not just employment-related but also criminal. In terms of staying quiet, just do not divulge too much information. For example, if you say too much, you might incriminate yourself and become more of a target in the investigation than simply a witness or you may provide the investigators with more information to bolster their case against you if you are their primary suspect.
  3. Contacting your local union representative as soon as possible—Whether you are the one being investigated or not, you are going to want your union rep there to make sure things go smoothly. They will advocate for you and ensure that you are not somehow being taken advantage of by a process and professionals you are unfamiliar with. Your union reps have probably been through a countless number of these investigative interviews, so they know exactly how to handle them.
  4. Not hesitating to get your own lawyer regardless of the situation—Even if you are not the one being investigated, getting your own lawyer for the investigative interview is quite beneficial. Sometimes union representatives alone cannot advocate for you the way you need to be advocated for, regardless of you being investigated or not.

Contact an NYC Civil Service Job Defense Attorney

From being investigated to simply providing witness testimony during a civil service investigative interview, no matter what the circumstance, you should have legal representation early in the proceedings. If this is the situation for you or if you face any other civil service job defense issues, call a highly qualified Manhattan civil service employee defense lawyer with the talent, skill, and experience to guide you through the process. Reach out to the professional team from JOEY JACKSON LAW, PLLC, at 1-833-JOEYJACKSON or 833-563-9522 for the help you need.