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Addressing Abuse of Power and Other Corruption in Your Union

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Civil Service Employees |

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Millions of American workers pay their union dues under the assumption that their officers will act in their best interests and protect the rights of the collective. Unfortunately, there is a deep, dark secret that unions do not want their members to know: Over the past five years, hundreds (potentially even thousands) of labor leaders have been removed from office and convicted for crimes that include embezzlement, racketeering, corruption, and engaging in organized crime.

Signs of Trouble in Your Union

It can be difficult to spot union corruption, especially when you are not privy to the details involved in negotiations. However, there are some red flags to be aware of, including but not limited to:

  • Unnecessary or inappropriate purchases
  • Questionable invoices
  • Changes in behavior when hot-button issues come up
  • Potential conflicts of interest
  • Attempts to coerce employees
  • Abuse of power
  • Acceptance of deals that are clearly in the best interest of your employer
  • An erosion of your rights or benefits
  • Incomplete travel or expense forms

If you notice any of these signs—or any others that may suggest corruption in your union—it is important for you to take action. Otherwise, you and your co-workers’ rights could continue to be eroded, and the funds you put aside to benefit the collective will continue to be used for improper or illicit acts or items.

Taking the Next Step

Union members who experience various kinds of abuse and suspect corruption are encouraged to not only file a complaint with the Office of Inspector General but also to contact a lawyer with experience in labor law. The Department of Labor will generally investigate the matter to determine if criminal acts or a breach of duty have occurred, and they will act accordingly. By comparison, an attorney focuses on restoring your rights and benefits. Of course, you do not want just any lawyer. You need one that can handle matters thoroughly, and with discretion. You need someone that can come up with creative solutions to pave a new, better path for your union.

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