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What Is the NYC Corrections Officers’ Benevolent Association?

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NYC Civil Service positions offer many benefits, but you can add to those job enhancements by joining a union dedicated to protecting and taking care of their members. If you work in a corrections facility, you are in luck: You can join the second-largest law enforcement union in New York City–the Corrections Officers’ Benevolent Association (COBA). Their mission is “to empower and enhance the lives of our brother and sister officers who proudly represent the boldest here in New York City,” and that they are dependable, reliable, committed, honest, innovative, passionate, and efficient. If you ever face problems at your job as a corrections officer, you can turn to them while also seeking the counsel of an experienced civil service and job defense attorney. With both sources of support, you will maximize the benefits offered to you as a member of the New York Civil Service.

What Does COBA Do?

COBA supports NYC corrections officers in many ways, some of which are:

  • Developing funds to support their members, whether it is to provide protection and safety for its members or to offer other benefits to members’ families
  • The creation of media outlets that push for significant change and reform in NYC corrections facilities to benefit both officers and inmates
  • Fighting for higher salaries and the expansion of benefits for its members
  • Advocating for the best working conditions possible

COBA goes one step further to provide benefits for members’ families by:

  • Creating the Widows’ and Children’s Funds that support the families of deceased NYC corrections and officers
  • Offering scholarship funds for members’ children
  • Hosting events throughout the year for members to enjoy with their families, such as celebrating at theme parks

COBA offers support for approximately 18,000 working and retired corrections officers in New York City and strives to expand its numbers and provide its support to whomever needs it.

Contact an NYC Civil Service Job Defense Attorney

Many civil service employees in New York are eligible for disciplinary hearings before their organization conducts disciplinary action against them. In addition, you can use your right to join an organization that represents NYC corrections officers and to be represented by an attorney to bolster your job security. At JOEY JACKSON LAW, PLLC, our knowledgeable Manhattan civil service job defense lawyer who can support you through civil service hearings and help you understand your rights as a member of a union. To learn more, call 1-833-JOEYJACKSON or 833-563-9522.