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What Issues Are Up for Debate in the 2020 National Election?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2020 | New York City lawyer |

Queens civil litigation attorney

With the first presidential debates behind us and the vice-presidential debate already taken place, voters might be anticipating the next round of debates; unfortunately, due to the president’s recent bout with COVID-19 and the two campaigns struggling to agree on debate terms for the final debate, it may be up to the voters to investigate the issues up for debate themselves to choose their candidate. Here is a handy guide to help you decide.

8 Major Issues Up for Debate in This Election

With the second presidential debate already canceled and the final presidential debate in limbo, it is even more valuable to reflect on the issues the candidates may argue about during their final debate to be a more informed voter. Here are several important issues facing our nation today that are up for debate:

  1. COVID-19 Pandemic Response—The Democrats and Republicans have two very different perspectives on this, and it is up to you to figure out which one you prefer. Vice President Biden’s pandemic response plan includes a federal face mask mandate whereas President Trump himself rarely wears face masks, for instance.
  2. Economic Recovery—How is the stock market doing? Does that even matter to you? Are you struggling as a result of the pandemic’s adverse economic impact in some industries? There are so many questions; meanwhile, you might have to choose between a roof over your head or food on your table depending on your employment situation.
  3. Police Reform—The 2020 Democratic Party Platform seeks to fundamentally change the way police forces are run, tackling everything from training to funding, while the Republicans prefer the status quo.
  4. Climate Change—The weather has also been at the forefront of the news lately, with wildfires in California and hurricanes in the south, but you must decide whether you think this is typical weather that does not require the government’s attention as the Republicans do or if it is one of the most existential threats of this age like the Democrats do.
  5. Social Justice and Income Inequality—Many Democrats believe there is systemic racism and inherent socioeconomic inequities throughout the nation’s institutions that need to be corrected, which is why there have been so many protests in the streets, but the Republicans have disagreed on this issue.
  6. The Future of the Supreme Court—With this week’s confirmation of another conservative justice in Judge Amy Coney Barrett, many Democrats fear a politically unbalanced Supreme Court that could impact the following:
  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA)—Shortly after the election, the highest court in the land is scheduled to decide on a case concerning the ACA and its constitutionality.
  • Abortion Rights—Roe v. Wade could be up for reconsideration in the courts in the coming years.
  • LGBTQ Rights—Despite recent rulings in favor of LGBTQ rights, Democrats fear a conservative court could inhibit these rights—and maybe other civil rights too.
  • “Packing the Court”—While the Democrats are not answering whether they will add more justices to the Supreme Court if they win in November, it is a prospect that many Republicans do not support.
  • Universal Healthcare—The Democrats want universal healthcare while the Republicans want limited government oversight and regulation of the healthcare system.
  • The Legitimacy of the Election—From proven Russian meddling in 2016’s election to other countries trying to tip the scales of our democracy and the specter of voting fraud dwelling in some people’s minds, whoever wins the election will need to be prepared for a backlash.

Overall, in a review of the 2020 Democratic Party Platform and the 2020 Republican Party Platform, you will notice two things:

  • The Democrats seek major changes with the way things are today, having composed a detailed new platform.
  • The Republicans like the way things have been going in our nation and believe staying on this same path is right for our country, which is why their resolution for 2020 affirms that promises have been kept from their 2016 platform.

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